Something About Us

about Something Borrowed Co.

Something About Us

Let her be wild; that she look + see beauty. Be fearless in the battle. Kick off her stilettoes + go dancing in the rain…

– the writer’s room

Here’s The Story…

SOMETHING BORROWED CO. began with pen and paper, doodles, quiet thoughts, and simple plans; to inspire women with words, hope and treasure. On life’s journey we make connections with people that shape our footprints and become parts of our story; Yours, or something borrowed, it’s the stories we recall that become the memories we cherish.

SOMETHING BORROWED CO. is an online store run by women that embrace themselves and their purpose. We encourage women to escape the rat race, reclaim their femininity and identify themselves through their expressions. Our very own Message Jewels are handmade in Australia; a collection of wearable necklaces that tell intimate tales of friendship, love and loss. Our wooden statement hoops are powerful works of art that speak to the sole and enlighten the spirit; simply, elegantly.

We are an online Australian brand, local to Adelaide. Our motto is: every piece tells a story.  Our vision is to spread joy through words, and wearable art in the hope of capturing the tiny moments that bring meaning to life. At Something Borrowed Co. we stand for women and their purpose by encouraging laughter, finding sentiment, escaping pressure + dancing in the rain!

Something About Copyright

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The idea for Something Borrowed Co. began with pen and paper, doodles, quiet thoughts, and simple plans; to inspire women with words of hope and love, loss and laughter, fear and resolve.  I love to write, and my dream has always been to start my own business with my passion in mind.

Every year since I graduated University I revisited my dream with the hope of turning it into a business.  Somehow though, at every attempt, life got in the way, and my dreams were put off for another day…

Flash-forward and I’m 40 years old; a busy mum with 3 kids, a husband, and a house.  Life’s a messy rush! At this point it’s just easy to plot along life’s journey, borrowing happiness from others living their dreams, and just being content with that.

I was comfortable in my reality, happy to pack up my dreams and put them away.  It wasn’t until I realised there was a little girl watching that wanted to be just like me! My daughter, in her innocence; filled with hopes and dreams, gave me the courage to want to try.

So here I am, 6 months into my own business and making it happen.  It’s a rollercoaster of emotion; there are great days, and days that are not so great, but there’s always a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day, and a smile that I know I own.

SOMETHING BORROWED CO. | every piece tells a story… Life can be a messy rush for the busy woman; Something Borrowed is the call to calm! Happiness found, not borrowed; a pause in the chaos.